Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What topics are covered in the HR Toolkit?

Answer: Several topics are covered such as:

  • Hiring, training, coaching and mentoring
  • Managing performance, recognition and managing change
  • Recruitment and retention, communication, managing differences and resolving problems
  • Health & Safety, managing absenteeism
  • Aligning HR to the business, organizing roles and planning for the future

Question: What types of challenges can the HR Toolkit help me address?

Answer: A multitude of challenges, including:

  • Ensuring you have skilled workers
  • Maintaining productivity and stay competitive
  • Retaining and engaging existing talent

Question: What are the specific system requirements for the HR Toolkit?

Answer: Recommended Screen Resolution - Minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels

  • Recommended Browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7
    • Mozilla FireFox version 3
    • Google Chrome version 3
    • Safari 3
  • Additional Information:
    • Some pages on our Web site require the Web browser to support JavaScript and to accept session-based cookies. By default, the major Web browsers are configured to handle this requirement.
    • Security settings-Firewalls: You may have to have your network administrator approve access to the HR Toolkit Website

Question: Will my contact information be shared?

Answer: No. As per our confidentiality policy, personal data will not be shared with third-parties without your consent.


Question: Who do I contact if I have difficulty purchasing or logging into the HR Toolkit?

Answer: Please contact the HR Toolkit Administrator at


Question: What happens if I lose my password?

Answer: If you have lost your password, we are able to recover it and email it to you. From the login page simply click the "Forgot your password" link and enter your email in the field provided. Your password will then be sent to the provided email address.


Question: How many people can access the Toolkit in my company?

Answer: You will have one account that can be utilized by anyone in the company that you wish to share the login information with.


Question: Can I keep access to the Toolkit if I move to another company?

Answer: Access is company specific. If you wish to change your account please contact the HR Toolkit Administrator at


Question: What is the policy on refunds and cancellations?

Answer: Refunds are not available. If you wish to cancel your CPIA HR Toolkit Account you must contact the HR Toolkit Administrator at


Have questions? Email the HR Toolkit Administrator at