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CPIA is the national voice of the pre-press, press and allied printing industries in Canada and is proud to represent member companies from coast to coast. Since 1939, the Association has served as the collective body to represent the interests of its member firms for policy formation, regulation and legislation.


The commercial printing industry is one of the most economically important and technologically advanced industrial sectors in Canada.


Not a single day goes by without the average person coming into contact with printed matter - from food labels, books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, telephone directories, diaries and annual reports to bonds, currency, stamps, credit cards, passports, leaflets, diplomas and posters, just to name a few.


Commercial printing is Canada's longest established and most widely dispersed information technology-based manufacturing industry. Canada's printing industry accounts for 5.3% of all manufacturing industry in the nation. In 2012 the Canadian printing industry employed 51,967 individuals. There are about 5,900 establishments across the country and which are primarily Canadian-owned.


In 2012 these employees produced over $9.2 billion worth of shipments. With a gross output multiplier of 1.65, the industry will generate an additional $6 billion in other sectors of the Canadian economy.