Year End Report 2021

February 9, 2022 

Letter to CPIA Membership & Partner Organizations – 2021 Year End Report 

We are pleased to provide you with this year end summary of what your national association has been up to in 2021. Our Board, Member Organizations, Partners and Advisors have all played an important role in instilling new life into our industry association. 

We are committed to achieving our mission to: 

  • Provide a national voice and platform for our industry; and 
  • Provide a connection point for regional associations, sector associations and print-focussed post-secondary educational programs. 

As we reflect over 2021, we can conclude that the CPIA had a successful year taking very important steps to building a strong, sustaining national association for the printing industry in Canada. Our activities included: 

  • We held 11 Board of Directors meetings and rewrote the CPIA By-Laws which resulted in an expanded Board with one additional representative from each region.  
  • We welcomed two new regional associations with Atlantic Canada and Manitoba joining our national association. As a result, we now have coast to coast representation. 
  • Our 3 standing committees have been hard at work all year: 
    • The Government Affairs committee drafted letters to 7 different Canadian Government ministries outlining who we are and requesting future dialogue on issues of concern to the printing community. The committee has also prepared a survey for printers to determine industry concerns and to plan more Government interactions. The English version of the survey is completed and it now needs to be translated. We are working out the mechanism to use for distribution of the survey across the Canadian landscape. 
    • Our Education committee was successful at enlisting 5 Educational Institutions from across the country to cooperate at developing a general communication piece designed to educate prospective students on our industry and the long-term opportunities it presents. Four students (2 from MITT and 2 from Ryerson) are currently working at designing the piece and most of the texts has been completed. We are looking to launch this communication piece in February 2022. 
    • Our Supplier committee has been hard at work at engaging prospective suppliers to partner with us in setting up various training and educational seminars in 2022. 
  • We recently set up a new committee to handle Communications and Events. Two meetings of this new committee have already taken place and we are looking to put together a major event in early spring 2022.  

We intend to continue to develop programs that provide value to our Regional Associations members as well as partner organizations. 

Our Board continues to represent the printing and related industries from coast to coast which is fundamentally important to maintain and build on the overall strength and health of our diverse and ever evolving industry. 

We thank all of our Regional Associations for their ongoing support and guidance. 


Gerry Lacombe 
Association Manager 

Richard Kouwenhoven 
CPIA Board Chair