2022 Mid Year Report

July 20, 2022

Letter to CPIA Membership & Partner Organizations – 2022 Mid-Year Report

We are very pleased to provide you with an update of your national association’s activities in the first half of 2022. Our Board, Member organizations, Partners and Advisors continue to play an important role in making our association a vibrant and sustaining entity within the Canadian marketplace.

We remind you of our mission:

  • Provide a national voice and platform for our industry; and
  • Provide a connection point for regional associations, sector associations and print-focused post-secondary educational programs

The following is an outline of your national association’s activities:

  • Your Board composed of volunteers continues to meet monthly to review progress to date and to plan future association activities. As a result of changing our by-laws in 2021 the Board was expanded and now includes 15 individuals. We filled two executive positions by naming April Burke of OPIA as Vice-Chair and Jamie Barbieri of l’AQIFE as Secretary-Treasurer of your association. The Board now has representatives from every printer regional association in Canada.
  • Our 4 standing committees continue their hard work:
  1. The government affairs committee has prepared a survey for printers to determine industry concerns ready to be released in September/October 2022. The survey results once received will allow us to plan more Government interactions.
  2. Our education committee was expanded during the first half of 2022 with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology joining our 5 Educational Institutions. Your committee in cooperation with our Educational Institutions has developed a brochure on “Careers in Print” with the objective of educating potential students on the many interesting career opportunities within our industry. The brochure will be released by September 2022.
  3. Our supplier committee has continued its work at engaging prospective suppliers to partner with your association aimed at supporting ongoing training and educational events.
  4. Our communication and events committee put together a major webinar on the challenges associated with the supply chain. We had speakers from Domtar, Lecta, Spicers and PPPC. They were followed by a panel discussion involving three speakers from printers from across the country. The webinar was extremely successful with over 130 participants attending the session. Your committee is now busy at planning another event to be presented in September or October of 2022.

We intend to continue to develop programs that provide value to our regional associations members as well as partner organizations. We thank our regional associations and supplier partners for their continued support.


Gerry Lacombe 
Association Manager 

Richard Kouwenhoven 
CPIA Board Chair